December 2021

Complete packages for industrial drivetrains

RINGSPANN supplies ready-to-install smart solutions consisting of brakes and couplings

With numerous product innovations, RINGSPANN is fuelling the expansion of its international presence as a one-stop supplier for system components in industrial drive technology. The realisation of ready-to-install and multifunctional smart solutions is becoming increasingly important. A current example of this are complete solutions consisting of shaft couplings and brake discs, which the company can design specifically for customers and projects on the basis of its large product range. They are available for drive torques ranging from 180 Nm to 112,000 Nm and are deliverable at short notice.

November 2021

Safe clamping and easy assembly

Two-part shrink discs from RINGSPANN convince thanks to distance-controlled assembly

RINGSPANN's steel shrink discs are regarded as the premium solution for frictional and backlash-free fastening of hollow shafts and hubs on shafts. In particular, the two-part versions of the RLK 608, RLK 608E and RLK 606 series are very popular in many areas of industrial drive technology. A key reason for this is the safe and simple assembly of these external clamping elements, which does not even require the use of a torque wrench. This benefits mechanical and plant manufacturers and maintenance technicians alike.

September 2021

A hidden champion of gearing technology

RINGSPANN’s expanding sleeve mandrel is increasing flexibility in fine machining

For all manufacturers of gear cutting machines and users in the field of fine machining who have particularly high demands on the precision and flexibility of their clamping fixtures, RINGSPANN has a real hidden champion in its range: the mechanical expanding sleeve mandrel HDDS. As an alternative to hydraulic expanding fixtures, it convinces with a comparably high concentricity of ≤ 5 µm with a surprisingly great expansion. While the first manufacturers are testing the patented HDDS as a potential standard component in their gear cutting machines, RINGSPANN is also positioning it as a component for simplified entry into automated production.

August 2021

Designing multiple drives to be more service-friendly

RINGSPANN is expanding its FXR freewheel series with a new variant with reverse rotation function

The main field of application for the integrated freewheels of the FXR family from RINGSPANN are the multiple drives of conveying, separating and crushing systems in bulk materials and mining technology. In order to give designers in these industries even more scope for the realisation of safe and maintenance-friendly drive solutions in the future, the German freewheel specialist has now expanded this globally proven series with an innovative variant called FXRB. In addition to a torque limiter and a controllable release device, it excels with a new reverse running function. This considerably reduces the costs required for maintenance and clearance work.

July 2021

"New opportunities through technological change"

The German RINGSPANN Group is pushing ahead with the internationalisation of its supply business

A few days ago, RINGSPANN broke ground on another production hall with an office wing at its headquarters in Bad Homburg. Once again, the corporate group is strengthening its position as an international one-stop supplier for clutches, couplings and brakes as systematic components of power transmission. For Managing Director Fabian Maurer, however, this new building is just one of a number of measures designed to help achieve ambitious growth targets, especially for the freewheels, brakes, shaft-hub connections and shaft couplings product divisions. In this interview, the company boss discusses which core competencies and business areas the company will be focusing on in order to be even more agile in key industries and future markets.

June 2021

New perspectives thanks to an optimised e-brake series

RINGSPANN is expanding the areas of application of its electromagnetic disc brakes

The one-stop supplier RINGSPANN has added several functions and features to the range of its EV/EH series electromagnetic disc brakes. These compact solutions for safely stopping, controlling and holding rotating axes and shafts are thus advancing into many areas of application that were previously thought to be the domains of pneumatic and hydraulic brake calipers. In particular, the innovations of the EV/EH brake series offer designers of drive systems for machine tools, assembly plants, amusement rides and even offshore facilities further options to increase performance and optimise use.

May 2021

Customer-specific expanded range of services

RINGSPANN supplies complete system units consisting of friction torque limiters and belt pulleys

Highly efficient belt and direct drives ensure the powerful rotation of cutting shafts and blade strips in Lindner Recyclingtech's stationary waste shredders. To prevent sudden overloads from getting through to the drive elements, the designers of the Austrian plant manufacturer have been relying on the friction torque limiters in RINGSGPANN’s RSHD series for many years now. Recently, the two companies have intensified their cooperation to such an extent that ready-to-install system units consisting of a friction torque limiter and a V-belt pulley are increasingly being used in the shredder assembly – pre-assembled and already set to the correct torque.

April 2021

Innovative clamping systems for gearing technology

RINGSPANN presents special skiving clamping fixtures with optimised chip removal

Precision clamping fixtures for the complete machining of thin-walled lightweight components and high-precision internal clamping systems for use in gearing technology – just one reason as to how RINGSPANN has recently consolidated its position as an OEM supplier for machine tool manufacturers. Now the Germany company is surprising the industry with another innovation: high-performance diaphragm and taper sleeve clamping systems that are specially tailored to the requirements of the currently very popular power skiving process for the production of high-precision external and internal gears.

April 2021

More and more standard solutions available online

RINGSPANN is expanding the current shaft coupling portfolio in its online shop

RINGSPANN is single-mindedly driving forward with its product offensive in the field of shaft couplings. It is a key pillar of the company’s international one-stop-shop strategy and also fuels the expansion of the range of standard couplings available at short notice that can be ordered via the online shop. Designers and procurers can now find a considerable range of rigid, torsionally rigid and elastic shaft couplings for the realisation of high-performance drive trains.

January 2021

Safe connections for dynamic forces

RINGSPANN supplies machine tool manufacturers with powerful drive components

As a premium manufacturer of components for industrial drive technology, RINGSPANN also has a wide range of innovative design elements to offer the international machine tool industry. For example, the company supplies well-known manufacturers in the industry with high-quality shaft-hub-connections and overload couplings as well as clamping systems for the installation of high-torque torque motors and compact electric brakes. Find out which components from the company's portfolio are now becoming standard equipment for many machine tool manufacturers.

December 2020

Greater loading clearance and longer operating life

RINGSPANN presents new 15° clamping discs with higher true running accuracies

Expanding the technical potential of the RINGSPANN clamping disc has always gotten RINGSPANN’s innovative juices flowing. Based on the functional principle of this flat tapered spring steel ring, the company regularly presents new clamping technology solutions that further advance the machining of cylindrical gear components for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, as well as for aerospace and fluid technology. And it’s time again: For the first time the company presents new 15° clamping discs for its flange chucks and flange mandrels in the clamping disc design. What makes them so special are their excellent true running accuracies of just 10 microns!

December 2020

Mechanical solution for safe operations

RINGSPANN RCS realises control cables for blood flow regulation in surgery

Venous flow clamps are a traditional and proven solution for accurate and safe blood flow regulation during surgical procedures. They allow easy adjustment of the blood flow rate with the aid of a handy rotary actuator, which is operated via a flexible and extremely smooth-running power transmission cable. The German firm RINGSPANN RCS is one of the leading manufacturers of these types of custom-made pull and push-pull cables for use in medical technology.    

October 2020

Sometimes it has to be something more

RINGSPANN also produces shaft-hub-connections with increased corrosion protection

RINGSPANN offers stainless steel and nickel-coated shaft-hub-connections especially for use in drive trains with increased corrosion protection requirements. Typical applications include gears and pumps in machines and plants in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging and bottling industries. Find out which shrink discs and clamping elements from the company's portfolio are the first choice here - and what customisation options RINGSPANN offers in terms of corrosion protection.
September 2020

The kinematic darling of designers

FB/FBF series freewheels from RINGSPANN convince as universal problem solvers

The ready-to-install complete freewheels from RINGSPANN’s premium FB and FBF series are true universalists and cover a wide range of applications. They can be used in drive trains in machinery and plant construction as backstops and for overrunning and indexing functions. Since they are also available for a very large torque range and in four different sprag variants, they convince as extremely versatile drive elements. They can be ordered directly from RINGSPANN’s online shop in versions with or without mounting flange.

August 2020

Lightweight solution for thin-walled die-cast parts

RINGSPANN clamping fixtures enable precision machining across several process stages

Whenever rotationally symmetrical die-cast components with thin walls have to be machined in the production of modern automotive transmissions, the demands on the clamping technology increase considerably. This is because the clamping systems used for this purpose must exhibit a high degree of concentricity, must not deform the workpiece under any circumstances and should ensure optimum chip removal. RINGSPANN has therefore developed a clamping trio specifically for external and internal machining as well as for the balancing and crack detection of sensitive aluminium gear pots, which has quickly established itself as a semi-standard in large series production.

July 2020

Advancing into extreme performance ranges

RINGSPANN is expanding the brake caliper range for its industrial disc brakes

RINGSPANN is driving forward the expansion of its industrial brake portfolio with a great deal of creativity and a laser focus on the requirements of its customers in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. One of the most recent measures in this context is the addition of three particularly large brake calipers for the realisation of high-performance disc brakes in emergency stop and extreme applications. Among others, this stands to benefit manufacturers of drive systems for heavy-duty and mining technology, as well as power plant construction and offshore technology.

April 2020

“Many new possibilities for quality assurance”

RINGSPANN RCS is commissioning an innovative duplex test bench for push-pull cables

With the commissioning of a new test bench just a few days ago, RINGSPANN RCS has considerably expanded the possibilities for further development and quality assurance of its push-pull cable systems. The facility is equipped with a digital control system, two synchronously operating hydraulic cylinders and a mobile terminal. It offers numerous options for different test scenarios and comprehensive evaluations. The German remote control specialist is thus gaining a considerable competitive advantage internationally.

March 2020

The functional link in hybrid drives

RINGSPANN freewheels regulate the dynamic interaction between the motors

When manufacturers of mobile cranes, construction machinery or heavy transporters develop their engines, RINGSPANN’s freewheels are often involved. These special vehicles are often driven by powerful hybrid systems consisting of diesel and electric motors. The overrunning clutches from the FKh series, for example, are responsible for the division of labour between the two. The reason for this is that without complex control technology, this hydrodynamic clutch solution allows both high differences in speed between the engines to be achieved and different engines of the same drive train to be alternately engaged and disengaged.

February 2020

The classic is now online

RINGSPANN freewheels of the FXM series have been setting the global standard for almost 50 years

RINGSPANN’s FXM-series integrated freewheels have long since become a staple of drive trains in international machine and plant construction. Equipped with the now legendary sprag lift-off type X, they impress with maximum torques of up to 1,230,000 Nm, low lift-off speeds and wear-free continuous operation. The entire FXM series currently comprises more than 40 standard sizes and can now be ordered directly in the company’s online shop. In addition, the price structure has been optimised, which is of particular benefit to small series customers. The freewheel classic is currently arousing the interest of numerous e-mobility manufacturers and is part of the RINGSPANN product range at this year’s Hannover Messe.

February 2020

Also API compliant and balanced

RINGSPANN will be focusing on the design of disc couplings at Hannover Messe

RINGSPANN’s product offensive in the field of shaft couplings, which has been ongoing for two years, has led to the inclusion of numerous new coupling types in the supplier’s portfolio. Among designers and developers in industrial drive technology, the group of disc couplings is particularly currently enjoying an increase in demand. The company is taking this as an opportunity to define the correct selection and design of these non-switchable, torsionally stiff shaft couplings as a key issue at this year’s Hannover Messe.

December 2019

Responding to the demands of the market

RINGSPANN is expanding its offer of three-part shrink discs for high torques

In the area of shaft-hub-connections connected via friction lining, shrink discs rank among the most important drive elements for mechanical engineers and plant manufacturers. As one of the leading manufacturers of these components worldwide, RINGSPANN is therefore responding to the current demands of design engineers and developers with regular expansions of its range. Just a few days ago, additional three-part shrink discs were introduced to the successful standard series RLK 603 S. Those who stand to profit are, for example, manufacturers of drive systems for conveyor systems, stirrers, mixing plants, construction machinery and wind turbines.

November 2019

Innovative smart solutions for the drive train

RINGSPANN is implementing ready-to-install combination solutions consisting of shaft couplings and overload clutches

With international commitment and great consistency, RINGSPANN continues to pursue its development towards being a one-stop supplier of high-quality components for industrial drive technology. The company’s ability to equip machine and plant manufacturers in many industries with innovative smart solutions for the drive train is also growing. A current example of this are ready-to-install “packages” consisting of shaft couplings and overload protection, which simplify the work of designers and significantly reduce assembly work.

November 2019

You can rely on the length - even in the curve!

Push/Pull Cables from RINGSPANN RCS convince thanks to their length-preserving properties during bending

RINGSPANN RCS’ mechanical cable systems are high-quality processed products. They are designed for more than 1.0 million kinematic cycles and boast optimal gliding properties. As intrinsically safe and maintenance-free machine elements, they are proven wherever forces have to be transmitted between locally separated and stationary components, but where it must always be possible to separate the connection between input and output force by means of a flexible system. Thanks in particular to their length-preserving properties, they prove to be precise and reliable control elements even in applications with winding installation layouts.

October 2019

The largest in the world of its kind

Manufacturer RINGSPANN is once again setting standards in the field of freewheel technology

A few days ago, RINGSPANN completed the world’s largest housing freewheel in technological history for an Asian client. It is the latest member of the FH series and is used in the energy recovery system of a petrochemical plant. As a wear-free overrunning clutch it generates a maximum nominal torque of 81,850 Nm at 1,400 rpm. With this innovative new development, RINGSPANN is entering completely new dimensions in freewheel technology and is once again setting international standards.

September 2019

Turns only in one direction

The roller bearing design of RINGSPANN’s FZ freewheels offers space advantages in construction

With nominal torques of up to 420 Nm, RINGSPANN’s FZ series internal freewheels are suitable for the realisation of backstops, overrunning clutches and the transfer of linear reciprocating motions in incremental rotating or adjusting kinematics (indexing function). The particular attraction of these mechanical elements lies in their compact design, as they feature the same dimensions as the widespread series 62 DIN standard bearings. This makes FZ freewheels ideal when it comes to designing spatially optimised constructions in the drive units of conveyor systems, warehouse handling systems, packaging systems and food processing machinery. Increasingly, they are also being installed in hybrid drive systems.

September 2019

More constructional freedom to both sides

RINGSPANN presents new drum brakes with a horizontally mounted thrustor

RINGSPANN's current industrial brakes range is almost seamless. It offers among other things a large selection of electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes that can be configured specifically for the customer. Just a few days ago the manufacturer incorporated another drum brake series for braking torques of up to 4,500 Nm into its portfolio. The highlight here is the thrustor mounted horizontally over the brake jaws. This is a particularly significant development for engineers of drive and safety systems of large lifting and conveyor systems, who will discover newfound freedom when designing the installation situation.

August 2019

More play in gearing

The expanding sleeve mandrel HDDS is becoming the standard for mechanical engineers

Manufacturers of gear cutting machines and users in the field of fine machining should make a beeline for Booth E22 in Hall 3 at this year's EMO. Here, RINGSPANN will once again be presenting the youngest star of its comprehensive clamping fixture range: The mechanical expanding sleeve mandrel HDDS. As a both precise and flexible alternative to hydraulic expanding clamping tools, it has since provided multiple examples of its performance capability in various gear wheel assemblies. It is currently under discussion by the first manufacturers to become part of the standard configuration of their gear cutting machines.

July 2019

Conformal projection to the thousandth

RINGSPANN’s new clamping coupling for rotary/swivel tables is on the rise

Among the highlights from RINGSPANN's appearance this year at EMO is the new clamping coupling for the fixing of driven rotary/swivel tables in multi-axis machining centres. Shortly after first being presented last Autumn, this mechanical, hydraulic high-precision solution has established itself as the favourite of countless renowned manufacturers of tool machines and rotary/swivel portals. With its exceptional conformal projection and holding torques of up to 2,400 Nm, it significantly exceeds the performance capacity of conventional clamping systems.

July 2019

Smart switching between motors

Overrunning freewheels from RINGSPANN enable the easy realisation of hybrid systems

With its overrunning freewheels, RINGSPANN offers designers of hybrid drive systems in mechanical engineering and plant construction a clutch coupling solution that is both uncomplicated and reliable. Without elaborate control technology, these installation-ready components are able to control the differences in speed between electric and combustion motors or alternately engage and disengage different motors of a single drivetrain. Read how the manufacturers of cranes, turbines and fans employ RINGSPANN's overrunning freewheels to realise hybrid drive systems.

June 2019

Unhindered market access to the USA and Canada

Electromagnetic brakes from RINGSPANN now have the UL and CSA approvals

The electromagnetic disc brakes from RINGSPANN rank among the essential components of countless drive systems in mechanical engineering and plant construction. They can be deployed for stopping, control and holding and cover a very large application spectrum with braking torques ranging from 94 to 6,590 Nm. These compact industrial brakes received their UL and CSA certifications just a few days ago. That makes it easier for all export-oriented manufacturers to gain access to international overseas markets – particularly those in north America and Canada.

March 2019

Safety and efficiency in the drivetrain

RINGSPANN places new jaw couplings at the centre of its Hannover Messe presence

RINGSPANN's ongoing productive offensive in the field of non shiftable shaft couplings since Autumn 2018 has been very well received by designers and developers in industrial drive technology. Thanks to the completion of existing models and the incorporation of new coupling types in its overall range, the company now offers many alternatives for the realisation of safe connections between the various units and components in the drivetrain. At Hannover Messe, RINGSPANN will be providing a glimpse into its current shaft coupling portfolio. At the centre of its exhibition programme are elastic elastomer jaw couplings for dynamic applications.

March 2019

Preventive glimpses into the inner workings

RINGSPANN presents the first condition monitoring system for housing freewheels

Practiced Industry 4.0 and genuine innovation: Using modern sensor technology and telematics, RINGSPANN has developed a condition monitoring system for housing freewheels. Operators of complex multi-motor systems and their maintenance staff now have the ability to predictively monitor all key performance and MRO parameters of the installed freewheels – in real time and from a distance. Data analysis, remote maintenance and functional integration in superordinate control systems are included in the offer. This new tool for predictive maintenance will be presented for the first time at this year's Hannover Messe.

February 2019

Visual twin at Hannover Messe

The RINGSPANN freewheels of the FZ series convince with roller bearing characteristics and high torques

RINGSPANN's internal freewheels of the FZ series are suitable for nominal torques of up to 420 Nm and can be used as overrunning clutches, backstops and in the indexing function. What sets them apart is their compact design, featuring the same dimensions as the series 62 standard roller bearings according to DIN, making these freewheels a versatile, ideal solution for spatially optimised designs in the drive systems of packaging systems, food processing machinery, warehouse handling machines and conveyor belts. They are already being used for hybrid drive concepts, and they are among RINGSPANN's product highlights at this year's Hannover Messe.

December 2018

The extended arm of the cylinder

Push/pull cables from RINGSPANN RCS convince as a stroke extension for linear drives

Everywhere in mechanical engineering and plant construction, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical cylinders enable the automation of linear kinematics. However, it is not always possible to position the linear drive right at the heart of the action. Confined installation spaces, dirty surroundings and high temperatures can present an obstacle to this, just like risks of explosion and radiation exposure. In such cases, clever engineers turn to RINGSPANN RCS' mechanical push/pull cables. And that is because the flexibly layable remote control systems allow lifting forces of linear drives to be safely transferred across many metres. Read here about which projects the power cable specialists from Oberursel are currently working on.

September 2018

Even more choice for drive technicians

RINGSPANN presents its expanded portfolio and a number of new innovations at SPS IPC Drives

Manufacturer RINGSPANN is using this year's SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg to showcase numerous innovations from its current portfolio for industrial drive technology at its trade fair booth in hall 3. The one-stop supplier is placing the focus on new freewheels, new shaft couplings and its compact electrical brakes. The mechanical remote control systems of RINGSPANN subsidiary RCS will also be present.

August 2018

An offensive for more flexibility in the drive train

RINGSPANN is massively expanding its portfolio of non-shiftable shaft couplings

RINGSPANN is beginning the second half of 2018 with a large-scale product offensive in the field of shaft couplings. The admission of five completely new coupling types and the supplementation of numerous existing models amounts to a massive expansion of the overall range. The full-range supplier is thus providing engineers and product developers in industrial drive technology with even more options for the realisation of safe, powerful and installation space-optimised connections between shafts, motors, gearboxes and machines. The new couplings will be on display publicly for the first time at this year's Motek, where RINGSPANN will be exhibiting in Hall 8 (Booth 416).

August 2018

Via download directly into construction

All RINGSPANN standard clamping fixtures are now available as CAD models

With its new standard clamping fixtures RINGSPANN offers a low-priced entry into the world of precision clamping fixture technology. Furthermore, in order to allow all engineers in fixture and equipment design to easily incorporate these flange chuck und flange mandrel models into their CAD drawings, RINGSPANN is now making all data models available for free download on its website with immediate effect. They are now just a few clicks away from being downloaded in all common formats. Visitors to this year's AMB can find out more about this new service at the RINGSPANN booth C01 in Hall 3.

July 2018

World premiere with precision right down to the thousandth

RINGSPANN presents a new clamping clutch for multiple-axis simultaneous technology

At the AMB 2018, RINGSPANN will once again be showcasing its position as an innovative premium supplier for the international machine tool industry in Hall 3. When it comes to issues of drive and clamping technology, the worldwide active company convinces with high-grade components that help mechanical engineers to realise highly-efficient precision solutions. This time, however, RINGSPANN will not just be exhibiting its precision clamping fixtures, shaft-hub-connections, torque and force limiters, brakes and friction torque limiters – for the first time, a new clamping clutch is also being presented for use in the driven rotary/tilt tables of multi-axis machining centres.

June 2018

Control, hold and stop with a number of options

Manufacturer RINGSPANN is establishing itself as a one-stop supplier for industrial brakes

Thanks to the product offensive in the last months, RINGSPANN now boasts an almost complete assortment of industrial brakes. Particularly its broad selection of electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes with options for customer-oriented optimisation are setting global standards. These brakes are primarily used in drive and safety systems of lifting and conveyor systems in the steel industry and container logistics as well as in crane construction and marine technology.

June 2018

Next stop Down Under

RINGSPANN announces the establishment of its new subsidiary in Australia

RINGSPANN is pursuing its globalisation plans at a breath-taking pace. Just a few weeks after the new branch in Singapore commenced activities, the company is announcing the establishment of its 14th international subsidiary RINGSPANN Australia. The German one-stop supplier of drive elements, precision clamping fixtures and mechanical cable systems is thus intensifying its presence in the markets Down Under. From Melbourne, the company will especially focus on its mining and gear manufacturing customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

June 2018

“Our benchmark is the life cycle of the product”

Mechanical cable manufacturer RINGSPANN RCS convinces with quality and customer orientation

When it comes to the implementation safety-relevant unlocking, emergency trigger or release systems, RINGSPANN RCS push-pull cables are the first choice for operators in a wide range of sectors. That is not only down to the high quality of the mechanical actuation and operation elements from Oberursel, but also the company's unwavering customer orientation. In an interview, managing director Christian Kny also explains why he is particularly focused on the optimisation of the service lifetime of the cable systems.

May 2018

“Our own staff on site wherever you are”

RINGSPANN is intensifying its ASEAN presence with a new subsidiary in Singapore

RINGSPANN is continuing its internationalisation strategy at an impressive pace. The latest evidence of this is the establishment of a subsidiary in Singapore just a few days ago. With what is now its 13th foreign branch, the German premium manufacturer of drive components, precision clamping technology and push/pull cable systems is strengthening its market position in the Southeast Asian economic region. The company can now provide more intensive support to its ASEAN customers in mechanical engineering, mining and the paper industry from Singapore.

April 2018

Interactively to the suitable brake

RINGSPANN is optimising online tools for the selection and calculation of its industrial brakes

After expanding its portfolio of industrial brakes in recent months with a number of additional models, RINGSPANN now also presents an optimised range of online tools for their selection and calculation. Engineers and purchasers are thus being provided with a whole host of new filters and functions to quickly and accurately guide you to the suitable brake for your application.

March 2018

Twelve models right from the outset

As the first manufacturer worldwide, RINGSPANN is launching an online shop for freewheels

With the launch of its new online shop for freewheels, RINGSPANN is making life easier for all purchasers and engineers in drive engineering. In addition to the company's more than 100-page long product catalogue, you can now click your way through the entire RINGSPANN range of internal freewheels with nominal torques ranging from 325 to 20,500 Nm. The standard freewheels from all other classes will follow successively over the course of the coming months.

January 2018

“Enormous densification of performance”

RINGSPANN begins 2018 with the takeover of an Italian brake manufacturer

With the completed takeover of the Italian brake manufacturer Ostelectric at the start of the year, RINGSPANN has simultaneously achieved two important milestones of its overall strategy: Firstly, it means that the business group continues to pursue its strategy of internationalisation, and secondly, it rounds off its portfolio in the field of industrial brake technology. This means that, in addition to freewheels, shaft-hub-connections, overload and shaft clutches and mechanical remote control systems, purchasers of drive components will now also be able to find all common industrial brake models at RINGSPANN – including the suitable control systems.

December 2017

“We have always been thinking globally”

Component manufacturer RINGSPANN is rigorously pursuing its expansion course

With the commissioning of its second production plant in Bad Homburg, RINGSPANN has achieved a key milestone in mid-2017 on its way to becoming a full-range supplier of high-quality power transmission components. For Managing Director Fabian Maurer, however, this is just one small part of the globally aligned corporate strategy that aims to bring all product groups to the level that RINGSPANN's freewheels division has been at for decades: At the forefront of international markets! In an interview, the company boss outlines the measures that are on his agenda for 2018.

November 2017

“Right in the middle of the frictional locking offensive”

RINGSPANN is consolidating its position as a premium supplier of shaft-hub-connections

On its way towards becoming a one-stop supplier for high-quality power transmission components, manufacturer RINGSPANN has over the course of the last few months also been updating and expanding its range of shaft-hub-connections connected by friction. Find out in this interview with division head Franz Eisele which technological aspects and international market trends the company is hereby taking as a guide – and where the journey is heading.

October 2017

The right torque in the right place

Optimal selection and installation of backstops for conveyor systems

If freewheels are deployed as backstops, they are entirely devoted to operational and work safety. In the drive systems of conveyor systems, they prevent the reverse movement of conveyor belts when maintenance work is being carried out, in emergency-stop situations or during power failures. In this specialist article, the different types of backstops available and what you need to take into consideration when selecting and installing them are discussed by someone who knows what he is talking about. Author Thomas Heubach was not only chairman of the Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (FVA) research team for more than 15 years, he is also the division head at RINGSPANN, the worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial freewheels.

October 2017

“In terms of energy efficiency already unbeatable”

Push-pull cables by RINGSPANN RCS offer unique dynamic and cost benefits

The engineers of safety and rescue systems often don't have a choice. When emergency trigger, unlocking or release functions cannot fail under any circumstances, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic devices are normally ruled out. Purely mechanical control, actuation and operation elements such as long-term tested push-pull cable systems by RINGSPANN RCS are the better choice in such cases. Product developers in other fields of application are also increasingly discovering the ready-to-install "remote control systems" as both a cost and energy-saving solution for bi-directional power transmission.

August 2017

Controlling dynamic and protecting drive systems

Manufacturer RINGSPANN presents itself as a versatile machine tool supplier at the EMO 2017

When it comes to the issues of drive technology and clamping technology, RINGSPANN belongs to the core group of premium suppliers in the field of international machine tool engineering. The worldwide active company provides high-quality components and systems in both sectors that can help machine tool manufacturers to significantly increase the process safety, performance capability and customer-orientation of their machines. At this year's EMO in Hannover (18.-23.9.2017) RINGSPANN presents overload clutches, shaft-hub-connections and brakes, as well as force limiters, clamping units and entire precision clamping fixtures in Hall 3.

July 2017

The specialist for gearing technology and fine machining

RINGSPANN presents its expanding sleeve mandrel at the EMO 2017

For manufacturers of gear wheels and suppliers in the area of metal-cutting fine processing, a visit to RINGSPANN's trade fair stand at this year's EMO is a must-see. That is where the Bad Homburg clamping fixture specialist will be showcasing its new expanding sleeve mandrel HDDS. This alternative to hydraulic expanding clamping tools has already proven its potential in initial high-precision gear manufacturing applications. RINGSPANN's HDDS can take workpieces with bores of up to tolerance class IT10 and is convincing in practice thanks to a true running accuracy of ≤ 5 µm. You can find RINGSPANN at the EMO (18.-23.9.2017) in Hannover in Hall 3, Booth C40.

June 2017

The fastest route to the right frictional locking

RINGSPANN has opened its new online shop for Shaft-Hub-Connections

Engineers and purchasers can now supply themselves even faster with high-grade shaft-hub-connections for their drive systems. Just a few days ago, premium manufacturer RINGSPANN opened the online shop for this product group of its portfolio. Thanks to the focused layout of the selection menu, the online platform offers direct access to an extensive range of Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements and Star Discs for the outer and inner connection of shafts and hubs connected via friction lining.

May 2017

Smooth and elegant, round and rust-free

RINGSPANN realises drive components according to the standards of hygienic design

The manufacturers of machines and plants for food processing and packaging adhere to the principles of hygienic design during construction. RINGSPANN realises a wide selection of tailor-made drive components conforming to these industry-specific requirements as a standard or custom solution. The company is particularly taking a leading role in the field of freewheels and overload clutches.

May 2017

A milestone of significant strategic relevance

RINGSPANN strengthens its international presence with its new subsidiary in Austria

Right in time for 1st May, RINGSPANN has commenced business operations of its new subsidiary in Austria. With the foundation of what is now the 12th foreign subsidiary, the worldwide active premium manufacturer of drive components, precision clamping technology and push/pull cable systems has reached another milestone in its long-term strategy of internationalisation. RINGSPANN Austria has its head office in Breitenau am Steinfeld – roughly an hour by car south of Vienna.

April 2017

The new standard for frictional locking

RINGSPANN presents new shaft-hub-connections with higher torques

With the new product catalogue 2017/2018 being presented just a few days ago, RINGSPANN provides a new decision-making basis for the selection of shaft-hub-connections. For the first time, the company has now reconfigured all product series according to the same innovative calculation method for precise frictional locking calculation. Numerous shaft-hub-connections have risen into higher performance categories as a result. Moreover, the range has been expanded with new three-part shrink discs and new premium elements with a particularly high centring accuracy.

March 2017

Flexible force transmission for machine operation

RINGSPANN RCS push/pull cable system simplifies manual handling

Whether it's the railway, aviation or motorsports industry – numerous manufacturers from a wide range of industries place their trust in the bi-directional push/pull cable systems of RINGSPANN RCS. At this year's Hannover Messe in Hall 25, the company from the RINGSPANN Group will be showcasing how these user-friendly control, actuation and operation elements can be used as a mechanical alternative for flexible force transmission. A current example of this is the use of these remote control systems in the new saws of a tool machine manufacturer.

March 2017

The best partner for important key customers

Siemens Mechanical Drives honours RINGSPANN with the Supplier Award 2016

Thanks to its outstanding performance in the field of "Account Management", a few days ago the drive element manufacturer RINGSPANN was honoured with the Supplier Award 2016 by Siemens Mechanical Drives. The Bad Homburg company received this award particularly for its high quality and reliability in providing support to its key customer.

February 2017

En route to becoming a one-stop provider

RINGSPANN rounds off its industrial brake portfolio with new product series

It was only a few months ago that RINGSPANN presented new electrical disc brakes for machinery and plant construction. Right on time for this year's Hannover Messe, the company is adding yet another two new product lines to its portfolio with electrohydraulic disc brakes and electrohydraulic drum brakes. At RINGSPANN, users from all key industries can thus choose from a comprehensive range of industrial brakes with braking torques of up to 600,000 Nm. This product range expansion is enabling the company to take the next step on the path to becoming a one-stop supplier for drive technology.

January 2017

Ground-breaking solution with carbon

RINGSPANN presents brand new high-speed backstops with torque limiting

Manufacturer RINGSPANN has expanded its successful FXR series with new high-tech backstops featuring integrated positive torque limiters and a mechanical release function. What makes them so unique is the use of highly durable carbon friction linings that boast maximum surface pressure and, despite its compact size, make extreme slipping torques of up to 140,000 Nm possible. These backstops particularly open new prospects for safety and installation space optimisation for the design of multiple drives with fast running shafts – for example in conveyor technology.

December 2016

Safe descent on a steel rope

Brake control systems by RINGSPANN convince German cableway manufacturer

During the implementation of a new uphill and downhill cableway for the Adlerschanze ski jumping hill in Hinterzarten, German company Wiegand placed its trust in RINGSPANN's brake technology. Wiegand made the innovative BCS 600 brake control and monitoring system the pivotal element of the safety concept of its rail-guided car train system. The special challenge here being: cableways and chairlifts may only employ braking systems that ensure personal safety and are in line with the EU cableway directive.

November 2016

Successful acid test for the benefit of motor racing

New disc actuated bush clamping mandrel by RINGSPANN wows gearing engineers

During the grinding of high-precision spur wheels for motorsports gears, the new mechanical disc actuated bush clamping mandrel HDDS from RINGSPANN showed its potential for the first time under extreme conditions. The experienced gearing experts of a Swiss company were positively surprised by the accuracies that could be achieved with it.

October 2016

Mechanical alternative for flexible force transmission

Bowden cable system of RINGSPANN RCS wins over manufacturer of professional circular saws

As bi-directional control, actuation and operation elements, the remote control systems of RINGSPANN RCS prove their worth each day in the railway, aviation and motorsports industry. However, more and more design engineers from other industries are also discovering the premium-processed functional elements as a mechanical alternative for the flexible transmission of forces. A current example of this is the use of a Bowden cable system from Oberursel in the new undertable chop saw of a renowned machine tool manufacturer. This push/pull cable was benchmarked the most reliable and most economical operation solution.

September 2016

Packaging sausages on the high seas

New stainless steel RINGSPANN freewheels brave corrosion and acids

With its new FBS series freewheels, RINGSPANN not only makes life easier for manufacturers of food processing machines and packaging systems. The design engineers of seawater-resistant drive units for marine or offshore engineering also have reason to be pleased. For these high-performance complete freewheels for maximum torques of up to 10,000 Nm are made of stainless steel and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion and chemicals. They can also be further optimised with food-safe lubricants and seals.

August 2016

Mechanical expansion facilitates full automation

RINGSPANN presents new disc actuated bush clamping mandrel for gearing technology

At this years' AMB in Stuttgart, RINGSPANN will be presenting its new and now patented mechanical disc actuated bush clamping mandrel HDDS. With this product, which is a world first, metalworkers in gearing technology and fine machining get a highly precise and economically attractive alternative to hydraulic expanding clamping tools. The new RINGSPANN clamping mandrel impresses with its true running accuracy of ≤ 5 µm, can take components with bores of up to tolerance class IT10 and, in full automation, considerably reduces the expenditure for the required feeding and positioning technology. And that is by no means all!

August 2016

Designed for once-in-a-century events

Manufacturer RINGSPANN appearing in Hamburg as partner for wind power technology

At the end of September, component and system manufacturer RINGSPANN will be presenting its technical solutions for engineering and plant construction companies in the wind power sector at the WindEnergy Hamburg. As well as new heavy-duty friction torque limiters for overload protection and large shrink discs for the external clamping of hollow shafts, energy-efficient industrial brakes and the brake control system BCS 600 will be taking centre stage at the trade fair. RINGSPANN will be in hall B7 at stand 225.

July 2016

New shrink discs for large hollow shafts

RINGSPANN extends its range of frictional shaft-hub-connections

With a new 2016/17 product catalogue, manufacturer RINGSPANN is giving both design engineers and purchasers access to its extended total selection of shaft-hub-connections. The highlights of the extensive programme include new shrink discs for the external clamping of hollow shafts with large diameters of up to 620 mm, as well as delicate cone clamping elements for the internal clamping of shafts with very small diameters.

June 2016

"We are very well prepared"

We at RINGSPANN see the international mining industry as being on the verge of an upturn

As an internationally operating supplier of ready-to-install drive components for mining engineering, RINGSPANN is used to thinking in longer economic cycles. At present however, the company's management is confident that an upturn of the raw materials industry could be just around the corner. Sales director Nico Hanke describes in an interview why RINGSPANN has the best opportunities to profit from this.

May 2016

Reliable players in control and actuation engineering

RINGSPANN RCS stands out for its large selection of high-quality remote control systems

A wide variety is offered by the current range of remote control systems by RINGSPANN RCS. Over the more than 60 pages of its new complete catalogue, the German premium manufacturer presents a large selection of ready-to-install push-pull cable systems, gas and brake pedals as well as levers and pull-only cables. Thanks to their sophisticated design and their high-quality processing, the control, actuation and operation elements by RINGSPANN RCS are functional elements which are in great demand, especially in the railway industry, in marine engineering and in motor sports. In many cases, they assume safety-relevant and other vital tasks.

May 2016

Strong performance in just twelve weeks

Manufacturer RINGSPANN realises its biggest housing freewheel yet in record time

RINGSPANN has built its biggest and most high-performance housing freewheel to date for an Asian plant construction company. The extraordinary unit was shipped a few weeks ago and is now used by a chemical factory as an overrunning clutch in the drive system of a fan with oversized dimensions. With its nominal torque of over 40,000 Nm, the now biggest housing freewheel in the RINGSPANN portfolio sets international standards.

April 2016

Precision clamping technology as a standard solution

Manufacturer RINGSPANN offers complete clamping fixtures for machining

There are only a few manufacturers in this country who offer such a versatile precision clamping fixture system for the machining of workpieces with cylindrical internal and external surfaces as RINGSPANN does. Only recently, the company extended its current overall range to include a new standard series of ready-to-use flange chucks and flange mandrels for clamping diameters from 7 mm to 560 mm. With a true running accuracy of ≤ 10 µm, these complete systems are an ideal solution for many metal-cutting processes in production engineering. Renowned machine tool manufacturers also recommend them for the machining of thin-walled components.

April 2016

Freewheel innovations for wind-powered speedsters

RINGSPANN supports the Kiel University of Applied Sciences team in the European competition "Racing Aelus"

Market leader in the freewheels sector, RINGSPANN is one sponsor of the team of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences in this year's sustainability race "Racing Aelus" in Den Helder, Netherlands. The manufacturer supports the student project group "Baltic Thunder" with freewheels from its extensive product range, assisting them in the implementation of a racing car powered exclusively by the wind. When the starting signal sounds on 18th August 2016, the energy-efficient speedster from Kiel will have great chances of being among the top racers.

March 2016

High clamping forces in a compact format

RINGSPANN extends its selection of electrical disc brakes for industry

The trend is clear to see: more and more machine and plant engineers are turning towards electric brakes when implementing rotary drive units. The manufacturer RINGSPANN has responded to this development and extended its range of compact and light electric disc brakes with clamping forces of up to 24 kN. They are suitable for use as holding or emergency stop systems in many industrial applications. Not least thanks to their extremely low power consumption during the holding phase, the RINGSPANN brakes are also recommended as particularly energy-efficient slow-down solutions.

March 2016

Now at the centre of Italian industry

RINGSPANN strengthens its international presence with new a subsidiary near Milan

A few days ago, RINGSPANN commenced business operations at its new subsidiary in Italy. With this new overseas branch, which is now the twelfth one, the globally operating premium manufacturer of transmission components, precision clamping fixtures and remote control systems is continuing down the path of its internationalisation strategy. RINGSPANN Italia is headquartered in Lainate just outside the industrial metropolis of Milan, and is thus situated at the heart of Italian machine and plant construction.

February 2016

Maximum consistency with minimum wear

RINGSPANN presents new friction torque limiters for heavy-duty applications of up to 60,000 Nm

With the friction torque limiters of its RIMOSTAT® series, RINGSPANN has been setting standards in this area of overload protection for many years now. With its new high-performance friction torque limiter RSHD, the manufacturer is now extending its offering to include innovative overload protection for heavy-duty applications. The RIMOSTAT® RSHD by RINGSPANN earns brownie points for its extremely constant slipping torque, a temperature resistance up to 800° C and excellent wear properties under high load. It is therefore an ideal solution for use in construction machines, shredding mills and conveyor systems.

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