January 2020
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A natural partnership that improves the eco-balance

Schümann to present its environmentally-friendly packaging tape at the Biofach 2020

For manufacturers and retailers of natural and organic products, the uniformly positive eco-balance of their products is an important competitive factor. When deciding on their packaging tape, they therefore prioritise the use of cardboard packaging made from corrugated cardboard. The gummed tapes from Schümann have established themselves as closing products that are as secure as they are sustainable. As they consist of paper and potato starch and nothing else, they are the natural partner for cardboard. In Hall 6 of the Biofach 2020 (12–15.2.2020), Schümann will be presenting its full range of environmentally-friendly packaging tapes.

Stadtallendorf, January 2020. – As the industry event for the manufacturers and providers of natural products and sustainable packaging equipment, the Biofach trade fair in Nuremberg is now a force to be reckoned with. In 2020, it is taking place for the 31st time, and the company Schümann – a long-standing manufacturer of packaging tape for cardboard packaging and paper bags – has been attending for several years. This time, the key focus of its exhibition programme is on the presentation of its environmentally-friendly gummed tapes for the dust-tight and tamper-proof closure of corrugated and solid cardboard packaging. After all, among the manufacturers of both natural and organic products, and in the areas of online retail, wholesale and stationary retail, these packaging closing tapes made from paper and potato starch are now considered to be the preferred form of packaging tape. As they integrate perfectly in terms of the materials, they are the natural partner for the cardboard packaging and support the achievement of coherent and holistic eco-balances. In other words: when using the gummed tapes from Schümann as packaging tape, the entire packaging of the product gains in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, the analogy between the contents of the parcel and the packaging increases the overall credibility of an offer in the eyes of the end customers, who are frequently very critical.

With or without reinforcement

At its trade fair stand 281 in Hall 6 of the Biofach, Schümann will be providing an overview of its full range of gummed tapes. In addition to its unreinforced packaging tape for small and lightweight packaging, the company will also be showing the reinforced packaging tapes from its Green Line range, which are recognisable at first glance with their green core. The especially successful gummed tapes in this group include, among others, the Green KF/KF2 gummed tapes for medium-weight cardboard packaging, as well as the Green MAX7, which is designed for the closure of heavy-duty packaging. The key factor here: all the gummed tapes in the Green Line have reinforced filaments made from natural raw materials. The filament layer is consistently integrated in the gummed tapes so that the cardboard packaging is further stabilised. This can play a decisive role in the packaging used for bottles, glass and other fragile products in particular.

Tampering becomes visible

One of the key strengths of the gummed tapes from Schümann is that they provide packaging with an exceptional high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorized opening. This also takes place on a one-hundred-percent ecological basis: the natural glue used in the paper strips, which is based on potato starch, creates an inseparable material composite seal with the corrugated or solid cardboard packaging immediately after its application, and can only be removed with destructive force. Therefore, if an attempt is made to open the package with criminal intentions during its transport, such unauthorised handling remains visible as tampering. The moistening of the natural glue and the application of the gummed tape to the cardboard can take place either manually or with automated equipment.

For the substrate material of the gummed tapes from Schümann, Kraft paper is used, the production of which prioritises the use of wood that originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU. And with the printing of the top side of the packaging tape with text, logos or ID codes, exclusive use is made of soluble inks. The packaging tapes from Schümann can be disposed of and shredded together with the used cardboard in one go, and without any further separation of the materials.


Ecologically consistent
At present, there appears to be no other comparable packaging tape available on the market for packaging tape which is as environmentally friendly and efficient throughout its product life cycle as the gummed tapes from Schümann. They allow for the principle of sustainability to be implemented for the packaging on a consistent basis, they are completely authentic, and they make a key contribution to the consistent eco-balance of the product packaging.

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