January 2020

A natural partnership that improves the eco-balance

Schümann to present its environmentally-friendly packaging tape at the Biofach 2020

For manufacturers and retailers of natural and organic products, the uniformly positive eco-balance of their products is an important competitive factor. When deciding on their packaging tape, they therefore prioritise the use of cardboard packaging made from corrugated cardboard. The gummed tapes from Schümann have established themselves as closing products that are as secure as they are sustainable. As they consist of paper and potato starch and nothing else, they are the natural partner for cardboard. In Hall 6 of the Biofach 2020 (12–15.2.2020), Schümann will be presenting its full range of environmentally-friendly packaging tapes.

September 2019

Highly efficient closure with antistatic benefit

At the K-trade fair, Schümann is presenting its comprehensive BCT range of products for synthetic bags

For the secure and rapid closure and sealing of synthetic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE, packaging specialist Schümann offers a wide range of cutting-edge bag closing tapes (BCT). Due to its antistatic effect in particular, the reversible BCT 4390 is currently exceptionally popular with many retail companies, contract packaging businesses and bag manufacturers. It supports the efficiency optimisation of manual packaging processes and is one of the product highlights at the Schümann stand in hall 8b of the K-trade fair this year.

July 2019

Are water activated tapes becoming the standard solution?

Increasing numbers of online retailers are closing packages with water activated tapes from Schümann

When selecting their packaging materials, the leading retailer platforms on the internet have set a trend which is now being followed by several small and medium sized E-commerce retailers: the closing and sealing of cardboard packaging with laminated wet adhesive tapes made from paper. The leading manufacturer of these tear-resistant and environmentally friendly packaging tapes is the paper processing firm Schümann, which will be presenting its full range of packaging tapes in hall 5 of this year's Fachpack trade show. 

January 2019

Like attracts like

At the Biofach 2019, Schümann will look at the analogy between contents and packaging

Increasing numbers of manufacturers and suppliers of organic and natural products are discovering the gummed tapes from Schümann to be the perfect closing product for their cardboard packaging. The reason why is clear: the environmentally-friendly packaging tapes that are made from paper and potato starch enable the consistent implementation of the principle of sustainability in terms of packaging technology. They are completely authentic and make a key contribution to the consistent eco-balance of the product packaging. In hall 6 of the upcoming Biofach / Vivaness trade fairs, which are taking place simultaneously from 13-16 February 2019, Schümann will be providing an overview of its wide-ranging selection of reinforced and unreinforced gummed tapes.

September 2018

Individualised products, all the time

Customer- and product-specific gummed tapes are the height of fashion

In hall 5 at the Fachpack trade fair, packaging tape specialist Schümann will be presenting an overview of its current range of gummed tapes. In this respect, it will be focusing on the factor of the customer-, sector- and product-specific configuration of its packaging tapes for cardboard packaging. After all, along with the general type selection options, manufacturers, retailers and distributors offer a variety of possibilities for individualising their parcel with the technical or visual optimisation of the adhesive tapes. And this has proven to be very popular with many users.

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