September 2022

Reversible closing or permanent sealing

At the K trade fair, Schümann is presenting its full range of bag closing tapes

At the K trade fair in Düsseldorf, German packaging specialist Schümann will be providing an overview of its full range of reversible and permanent bag closing tapes. These bag closing tapes (BCT) allow for the secure and rapid closure and sealing of synthetic pouches made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE. Depending on the design, they also support the efficiency and ergonomics of the manual packaging processes.

August 2022

Closures for cardboard packaging with a usability benefit

At the Fachpack 2022, Schümann will be presenting gummed tapes with integrated easy opening

As part of the supply chain optimisation, increasing numbers of manufacturers and retailers are deciding to use the gummed tape from Schümann. After all, very few packaging tapes offer as much potential for improving the protection against tampering and unauthorized opening, sustainability and branding as this tape does, which is made from paper and potato starch. In hall 9 at this year’s Fachpack trade fair (27th-29th September, 2022), the company will be presenting its full range of gummed tapes. The focus will be on the end-user-friendly variants with the integrated easy-opening function.

January 2020

A natural partnership that improves the eco-balance

Schümann to present its environmentally-friendly packaging tape at the Biofach 2020

For manufacturers and retailers of natural and organic products, the uniformly positive eco-balance of their products is an important competitive factor. When deciding on their packaging tape, they therefore prioritise the use of cardboard packaging made from corrugated cardboard. The gummed tapes from Schümann have established themselves as closing products that are as secure as they are sustainable. As they consist of paper and potato starch and nothing else, they are the natural partner for cardboard. In Hall 6 of the Biofach 2020 (12–15.2.2020), Schümann will be presenting its full range of environmentally-friendly packaging tapes.

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