June 2019

A bull’s eye with every drop

TARTLER presents a new dosing mixing head for high-precision small-quantity application

With its new LV 2/2 dosing mixing head, plant manufacturer TARTLER offers yet another innovation for the high-precision and repeatable small-quantity application of multi-component plastics. Particularly users in electro casting and adhesive technology who need to apply low-viscosity resins and hardeners in tiny droplets with a high degree of accuracy will find a pioneering application solution in the new LV 2/2. Shot sizes of just 1.0 grams and mixing ratios from 100:5 to 100:20 are possible. An integrated weighing cell monitors the shot accuracy.    

October 2018

Closing the gap in the innovative and successful MDM range.

TARTLER presents a new table top device for small-quantity dosing of synthetic resins

With the re-engineering of its successful mixing and dosing system MDM 4, plant manufacturer TARTLER is closing a gap in its range of cost-efficient table top machines for the processing of small quantities of liquid and low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins. Performance-wise, the new device improves on the manual 2K cartridge mixer LC-DCM and serves as an entry into the MDM series, whose compact machines are designed for use in prototyping, electro casting, adhesive application, resin injection moulding and laboratory technology.

September 2018

Greater efficiency when dealing with resins and hardeners

TARTLER will be presenting its latest innovations for plastic processing at Bondexpo and Fakuma

Equipment manufacturer TARTLER will be presenting multiple new system solutions for the efficient processing of 1K and 2K Thermosetting polymers at the Bondexpo (Stuttgart) and Fakuma (Friedrichshafen) trade fairs. All eyes will be on the innovative vacuum station TAVA 200 F for drum filling without air pockets and the new cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM with a universal connection adapter for many currently common cartridges.

May 2018

Dynamic mixing with all common dispensers

Tartler’s new cartridge mixer attachment convinces with numerous connection adapters

About two years ago, the dosing and mixing technology specialist Tartler presented the first mixer attachment for the dynamic processing of two-component plastics with cartridge pistols (dispensers). Since then, the company has continued to develop this innovative solution further and now presents the second generation of its cartridge mixer under the product designation LC-DCM. It is now equipped with a universal connection for numerous common cartridge systems. Small-quantity users who process cast resins and adhesives for repairs, reworks or the optimisation of surfaces with pneumatic cartridge pistols particularly stand to benefit from this.

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