September 2019
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Highly efficient closure with antistatic benefit

At the K-trade fair, Schümann is presenting its comprehensive BCT range of products for synthetic bags

For the secure and rapid closure and sealing of synthetic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE, packaging specialist Schümann offers a wide range of cutting-edge bag closing tapes (BCT). Due to its antistatic effect in particular, the reversible BCT 4390 is currently exceptionally popular with many retail companies, contract packaging businesses and bag manufacturers. It supports the efficiency optimisation of manual packaging processes and is one of the product highlights at the Schümann stand in hall 8b of the K-trade fair this year.

Stadtallendorf, September 2019. – These days, depending on their contents and the sector, it is necessary for double-sided adhesive tapes for closing bags and mailing bags to fulfil a wide range of important quality requirements. Closing products specialist Schümann therefore offers an exceptionally wide range of bag closing tapes (BCT) and bag sealing tapes (BST) which cover almost all of the current wants and needs of the retailers, providers of packaging services and bag manufacturers. At this year's K-trade fair in Düsseldorf, the company is presenting its varied BCT range of products at stand E42, hall 8b. Here, several irreversible and reversible adhesive tapes will be presented for the closure of all market-relevant types of synthetic bag made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), as well as hard polyethylene (HDPE) and oriented polypropylene (OPP). As a particular highlight, this time Schümann is presenting its BCT 4390 no-static bag sealing tape, which is currently one of the favourite products of leading providers in the wholesale and online retail sectors.

Doesn’t stick and doesn't hinder

One of the main reasons for the considerable demand retailers for the BCT 4390 is its almost 100 percent antistatic effect. Specifically, that means: with this closing tape, a static charging of the peel-off, shiny silver protective strip (liner) during the manual packaging work is practically excluded. With the BCT 4390, the troublesome sticking of the liner which is removed to the employees’ hands or clothes which would otherwise hamper or slow down the packaging process is therefore omitted. This closing tape also features the innovative easy-peel coating, a specialist surface coating which both simplifies and accelerates the peeling of the liner.

The antistatic effect and easy-peel coating support the optimisation of manual packaging processes and also improve the ergonomics at the workplace. In particular, the BCT 4390 from Schümann is also the perfect solution for environments in which sensitive microelectronic or electronic components have to be packaged in synthetic bags under ESD (electrostatic discharge) conditions. After all, quality assurance reasons mean that this is an area in which static charging is absolutely unwanted.

Repeated closing possible

The BCT 4390 non-static from Schümann is part of the group of closing tapes which feature a reversible adhesive film. It is therefore suitable for the realisation of synthetic bags that can be closed repeatedly, which aims to allow the multiple removal of the contents – such as sets of small components, bundled products or sets of spare parts. Additionally, thanks to its reversible adhesive coating, the BCT 4390 is also very suitable for returnable packaging. From the perspective of bag manufacturers, the fact that Schümann is providing the BCT 4390 on ready-to-use reels with very long lengths which allow for high production speeds, is another advantage. And like most of the bag closing tapes in the range of products from the Stadtallendorf-based company, it is UV resistant and available in the standard width of 15 mm.

As will be on display at the K-trade fair, Schümann is currently offering a total of some 20 different bag closing tapes. At the trade fair stand of the company in hall 8b, reversible and permanent tapes will be on display, as well as tapes with and without an antistatic effect, with and without a red signal line, with and without an easy-peel coating, and numerous additional functional characteristics. Some tapes, for instance, also feature a liner with a minimal lateral finger-lift overhang which further accelerates their lifting and peeling. In the BCT range from Schümann, anyone wishing to package their products in synthetic bags and mailing bags made from plastic on a secure and customer-friendly basis will find the suitable closing solution.

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