July 2019
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Are water activated tapes becoming the standard solution?

Increasing numbers of online retailers are closing packages with water activated tapes from Schümann

When selecting their packaging materials, the leading retailer platforms on the internet have set a trend which is now being followed by several small and medium sized E-commerce retailers: the closing and sealing of cardboard packaging with laminated wet adhesive tapes made from paper. The leading manufacturer of these tear-resistant and environmentally friendly packaging tapes is the paper processing firm Schümann, which will be presenting its full range of packaging tapes in hall 5 of this year's Fachpack trade show. 

Stadtallendorf, July 2019. – New online market places are springing up all over the internet. Although the Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) [German Retail Association] has reported a slight slowdown in the pace of growth in online retail, the sales generated at internet shops in Germany continue to grow, and are rapidly approaching the 60 billion Euros mark. It is also noticeable that in addition to a few leading full-range retailers, an increasing number of industry and special-interest providers with their own e-commerce shops are now active on the worldwide web. The leaders in this area are the fields of sport and leisure as well as the DIY and garden sectors. In the food and cosmetics sector, suppliers of organic- and eco-products are now attracting increasing attention with their online activities. When it comes to the packaging of the ordered goods, all these online retailers have one thing in common: they favour the reinforced wet adhesive tapes from Schümann for the closing and sealing of their cardboard packages. These packaging tapes, which are made from kraft paper and are also known internationally as wet adhesive tapes, can be applied quickly and precisely, offer a high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorised opening, and provide cardboard packages with an increased level of stability. They can also give the packaging an individual touch, as they allow for customer or product-specific prints.

Filament inlay increases security

At this year's Fachpack trade fair in Nuremberg, the K2/KF2 type filament-reinforced wet adhesive tapes will be one of the highlights at the Schümann stand 5-205 in hall 5. These packaging tapes have a reinforcing fabric made from fine polymer thread which is integrated in the adhesive coating, and which offers increased security and stability due to its sophisticated geometry, which consists of two opposing S‐curves and two straight lines that run in parallel. While the lengthwise filaments secure the top of the cardboard packaging and its edges, the curved filaments secure the opening slot – in particular, by preventing unauthorised access. Due to these attributes, the K2/KF2 tapes from Schümann are mainly used for the purpose of closing medium‐heavy to heavy cardboard packaging with increased requirements surrounding protection and security.

A sustainable closing solution

The filament-reinforced wet adhesive tapes from Schümann are generally a very environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging solution. This is because the natural adhesive of the tape is based on potato starch, and the tear-resistant Kraft paper for its production is primarily gained from wood which originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU. In addition to this, Schümann offers its K2/KF2 wet adhesive tape in its Green Line range of products. After all, these Green Line packaging tapes also have a third ecological component: reinforcement filaments made from natural raw materials, which are in no way inferior to conventional reinforcement filaments made from polyester in terms of their shredding and tearing resistance. And just like the unreinforced wet adhesive tapes from Schümann, the Green Line tapes can be disposed of together with the cardboard and sent straight for recycling without having to separate any of the materials.

Fully automated application

All the fibre-reinforced wet adhesive tapes from Schümann are available in a variety of widths and in reel lengths of 1,000 metres and over. They are designed for fully automatic application, and can be inserted in the closing machines of the providers of packaging services without any problem. The cutting of the adhesive tapes to their desired length, the moistening of the natural adhesive coating on their underside with water and the precise application on the cardboard all takes place in the machines in the form of a continuous process. The natural adhesive of the wet adhesive tape unfurls its adhesive force within a matter of seconds, which means it is almost impossible to remove the wet adhesive tape without damaging either it or the packaging. The wet adhesive tape therefore means that the package has a closure which is similar to a seal and which offers a high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorised opening.

As with all of its wet adhesive tapes, the fibre-reinforced packaging tapes from Schümann can also be printed over on a single-colour or multicoloured basis. In this way, the company's print service can turn any packaging tape into an information carrier with a variety of different objectives. In the area of online retail, this often includes the printing of security information, as well as EAN codes, matrix codes or other identifiers from the field of logistics and identification technology. Many retail companies also use the Schümann print service to provide their cardboard packaging with advertising messages.

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