September 2018
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Individualised products, all the time

Customer- and product-specific gummed tapes are the height of fashion

In hall 5 at the Fachpack trade fair, packaging tape specialist Schümann will be presenting an overview of its current range of gummed tapes. In this respect, it will be focusing on the factor of the customer-, sector- and product-specific configuration of its packaging tapes for cardboard packaging. After all, along with the general type selection options, manufacturers, retailers and distributors offer a variety of possibilities for individualising their parcel with the technical or visual optimisation of the adhesive tapes. And this has proven to be very popular with many users.

Stadtallendorf, September 2018 – The Schümann range of packaging tapes for cardboard packaging now includes a wide variety of gummed tapes for different areas of use. In hall 5, stand 205, visitors to this year's Fachpack trade fair can see the varied range of gummed tapes (water activated tapes) for the dust-tight and tamper-proof closure of parcels and packages from almost every weight class for themselves. With numerous products on show, Schümann won't just be demonstrating the right way to use its unreinforced and thread and fibre reinforced adhesive tapes, it will also showcase the customer-, product- and sector-specific optimisation of the full range of cardboard packaging through the targeted individualisation of the tapes. Schümann is a market leader in the area of gummed tapes, and offers many years of experience in the areas of paper processing, printing technology, coating technology and adhesive technology. On the basis of this expertise, Schümann is able to offer its customers from the areas of retail, e-commerce, industry and logistics numerous alternatives for the functional and visual individualisation of its tapes for use on cardboard packaging.

Packaging tapes that carry information

At the Schümann stand at the Fachpack, customers will also be able to see successfully realised solutions for the product-oriented lettering and sector-typical colouring of the wet activated paper tapes. These consist of tapes which have been optimised in the Schümann print- and labelling-service with the printing of target group compliant advertising messages (sports items, food products, etc.) and the targeted choice of surface colour (organic products, toys, etc.) according to their area of use. Finally, as if from the conveyor belt, these individualised packaging tapes find their way onto the parcels of packaging during manual or fully automatic application. Many manufacturers and retailers are now omitting the use of printed cardboard, and instead giving their packaging the perfect finish with the customised packaging tapes from Schümann.

In its print- and labelling-service however, Schümann doesn't just print marketing texts on its reels of gummed tape, it also adds technical product information and warning symbols. Also in consistently high demand: the provision of visual safety seals or special patterns in order to protect the product and make tampering to the packaging identifiable. Many of the tapes also gain EAN codes, QR codes, matrix codes or other identifiers from the areas of logistics, ident technology and process technology. At the simplest level, Schümann prints the packaging tape in black; tricolour and colourful prints in Pantone colours as well as prints in product-typical special colours are used much more often, however. For large series productions, Schümann refines its packaging tapes in the form of a 6-colour or full-surface print. Schümann can offer an exceptionally convenient solution to customers from the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and hygiene: standard closing tape made from white paper (instead of cardboard brown) which are also suitable for individual printing.

In addition to its print- and labelling-service, Schümann will also inform the visitors to its stand in hall 5 of the Fachpack about the many additional options for the technical and functional individualisation of its gummed tapes. This includes the choice of paper thickness, the varieties of paper, the tape widths, the adhesive recipes and the lengths of the reels. This is an area in which the company can offer its customers many alternatives.

A variety of options available as standard At this point, it shouldn't be forgotten that the standard range from Schümann allows for a wide variety of product- and shipment-specific adjustments. The exceptionally environmentally-friendly tapes in the Green Line range are the ideal solution for the packaging of natural products for example, and the use of the anti-slip packaging tapes with their non-slip surface coating improves the safety levels whenever cardboard boxes are stacked during their handling. Furthermore, many packaging tapes can be equipped with pull strips to accelerate the opening or repackaging processes. As always, the decision on the most suitable basic product, however, remains of considerable importance: Unreinforced, thread reinforced, or fibre reinforced? At the Fachpack, the packaging tape specialists from Schümann will be available to assist you and respond to your concerns.

High degree of tamper resistance
The high security against tampering and unauthorised opening of the Schümann gummed tapes is based on the almost inseparable material composite which occurs when their adhesive is applied to the surface of the cardboard packaging with the addition of water. In this way, all of the packaging tapes offered by Schümann provide cardboard packages with the maximum degree of protection against tampering and theft, so that they can only be opened by destroying them, which is visible to all. Therefore, the heavy-duty sealing tapes by Schümann (e.g. UNIKRAFT) are also suitable for use in international air freight and are a superb closing solution for insured shipments.

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