May 2017
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A milestone of significant strategic relevance

RINGSPANN strengthens its international presence with its new subsidiary in Austria

Right in time for 1st May, RINGSPANN has commenced business operations of its new subsidiary in Austria. With the foundation of what is now the 12th foreign subsidiary, the worldwide active premium manufacturer of drive components, precision clamping technology and push/pull cable systems has reached another milestone in its long-term strategy of internationalisation. RINGSPANN Austria has its head office in Breitenau am Steinfeld – roughly an hour by car south of Vienna.

Bad Homburg, May 2017. – RINGSPANN remains purposefully and resolutely committed to its strategy of internationalisation. After establishing subsidiaries in China, Benelux and India (2006 - 2011), and in Sweden, South Africa and Italy (2014 - 2016), RINGSPANN Austria GmbH has now commenced operations as of 1 May 2017. From Breitenau am Steinfeld in Lower Austria's industrial quarter, the company shall with immediate effect be supplying RINGSPANN's customers in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia with drive components, precision clamping technology and push/pull cable systems. Nico Hanke, RINGSPANN's International Head of Sales, explains the special strategic relevance of this new foundation: "Our new subsidiary not only brings us closer to our customers in Austria, but it also strengthens our local presence in important growth markets in South-East Europe. Hungary and Slovenia in particular are showing increasing interest in our products. Our new location south of Vienna will significantly energise the development of sales in these countries."

The entire portfolio at your front door

Thanks to the establishment of RINGSPANN's 12th foreign subsidiary, mechanical engineers and gear manufacturers in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia now have the company's complete portfolio of freewheels, shaft-hub-connections, overload clutches, industrial brakes, precision clamping fixtures and remote control systems at their front door. Markus Berger, the new Managing Director of RINGSPANN Austria, stresses another advantage of the geographic proximity to customers: "From Breitenau we are now able to respond very flexibly to individual wishes and significantly increase the quality of our service in this region of Europe once more. Especially since customers here are becoming more interested in incorporating our supply expertise into product development from an early stage."

Continuing internationalisation

The internationalisation programme of the Bad Homburger drive technology specialists is not yet completed with the establishment of RINGSPANN Austria. Sales Manager Nico Hanke says: "We have thus reached another milestone of the European component of our long-term strategy of internationalisation, however we are already currently focusing all our energy on the next steps and our sights are set firmly into the future."

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