May 2016
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Reliable players in control and actuation engineering

RINGSPANN RCS stands out for its large selection of high-quality remote control systems

A wide variety is offered by the current range of remote control systems by RINGSPANN RCS. Over the more than 60 pages of its new complete catalogue, the German premium manufacturer presents a large selection of ready-to-install push-pull cable systems, gas and brake pedals as well as levers and pull-only cables. Thanks to their sophisticated design and their high-quality processing, the control, actuation and operation elements by RINGSPANN RCS are functional elements which are in great demand, especially in the railway industry, in marine engineering and in motor sports. In many cases, they assume safety-relevant and other vital tasks.

Bad Homburg/ Oberursel, May 2016. – If a lifeboat cannot be released in the event of an emergency, or if you suddenly stop being able to change the gears of a sports car in a long-distance race, then this is where the fun is over. In order to prevent the likelihood of such situations, the design engineers at RINGSPANN RCS pay the greatest attention to an optimal execution and processing of their remote control systems. The push-pull cables, pull-only cables as well as levers, gas and brake pedals from the company are therefore highly valued by design engineers in marine engineering, railway construction, safety engineering and motor sports in particular. And any technical expert who has held a push-pull cable by RINGSPANN RCS in their hands will know what these "made in Germany" quality solutions are distinguished by: High-precision execution of pressings, form-fit and possibly adjusting seals, corrosion-resistant end parts, double spring loaded wipers, integrated permanent lubrication and much more. "All our RCS-Remote Control Systems are designed for maximum functional reliability and the highest possible lifetime and are manufactured according to strict quality criteria. We know that, in many cases, our push-pull cables in particular are used and installed in safety-relevant applications. Which is why we make no compromises when it comes to design engineering or choosing materials", highlights Christian Kny, general manager of RINGSPANN RCS.

Inner values

A central quality feature of the push-pull cables by RINGSPANN RCS is the sophisticated interaction of their technical inner structure. Whether wipers, support tubes, support wire windings or the inner members – all components of the inner architecture are inter-coordinated to ensure that the cable can suffer no damage through its operation, even when it is used continuously for prolonged periods and under adverse conditions. This is the very reason why these remote control systems are the preferred choice in motor sport and marine engineering for example. "One shortcoming of many suboptimal and low budget push-pull cables is that they often fail after a short time under completely normal operating conditions – simply because their design is not well-engineered in crucial areas, because of low price seals or even because unsuitable materials have been used", reports general manager Christian Kny.

Flexible alternative

In line with their functional principle, the flexible push-pull cables by RINGSPANN RCS are a premium solution for the transmission of axial control and actuation forces over large distances. Depending on series and execution, they are suitable for travels up to 6 inches (152 mm) and transmit push-forces up to 1350 N and pull-forces up to 4500 N. And, depending on the type, they are also very good to use under confined installation conditions, since they can be placed in areas with small radii without any problems. In addition, RINGSPANN RCS offers different cable attachment accessories.

For many dynamic and mobile applications, the push-pull cables by RINGSPANN RCS are generally the better alternative to standard rod systems with rigid rods or those supports by joints, since they are barely susceptible to disturbances caused by movement or vibration. The current complete catalogue of RINGSPANN RCS also provides detailed information on the many different executions and delivery forms of the push-pull cables as well as the large range of specially-adapted accessories (clevises, ball joints, connections etc.). Moreover, the catalogue with over 60 pages offers an insight into the selection of regulation and adjustment lever systems, gas and brake pedal systems and pull cables (bowden cables) in the portfolio of RINGSPANN RCS.
Many remote control systems by RINGSPANN RCS featured in the new complete catalogue as ready-to-install standard and basic systems originally started their product career as customised special solutions. "The development and manufacturing of customised push-pull cables or pedal systems is still a central field of our engineers' activity to this day. We are currently working on highly interesting solutions for international yacht engineering for example", explains Christian Kny.

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