April 2018
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Interactively to the suitable brake

RINGSPANN is optimising online tools for the selection and calculation of its industrial brakes

After expanding its portfolio of industrial brakes in recent months with a number of additional models, RINGSPANN now also presents an optimised range of online tools for their selection and calculation. Engineers and purchasers are thus being provided with a whole host of new filters and functions to quickly and accurately guide you to the suitable brake for your application.

Bad Homburg, April 2018. – RINGSPANN's current brake portfolio now encompasses all currently relevant design and functional types of industrial brakes for the application cases of stopping, control and holding – including the appropriate control systems. The company from Bad Homburg has closed the remaining gaps in its range with a model offensive in 2017 and the takeover of an Italian brake manufacturer at the beginning of this year. This includes the recent addition of new electrical disc brakes, as well as numerous electro-hydraulic disc and drum brakes into the overall range, which now spans braking torques ranging from 0.5 to 325,000 Nm. Parallel to the completion of the product range, the specialists of RINGSPANN's brakes and clutches division have in recent weeks been working on optimising the online tools for the selection and calculation of the brakes. They were finally made available a few days ago and help engineers and purchasers of industrial drive technology quickly find the right brake for their individual application case. The new collection of search filters and the calculation tool that has now been supplemented with the application holding are especially a real asset, and make the website www.ringspann.de one of the best Internet addresses for all users of industrial brakes.

Four main features and many options

RINGSPANN'S new search filter selection convinces thanks to a practically oriented click list that provides all the most important criteria for determining the suitable brake. Engineers and sourcing managers can select from multiple options under the four umbrella terms activation type, release type, adjustment and mounting, which will then immediately display the relevant model(s) on the screen. So, for example, if you check the boxes next to "pneumatically activated", "no adjustment to counter friction block wear" and "mounting to the machine parallel to the brake disc", the system will immediately present you with the result – in this case the DV 020 PFK model brake calipers for braking torques ranging from 25 to 650 Nm. The user is then presented with further options: dialling one of the hotline numbers displayed, taking a look at the data sheet, sending a query by email, downloading the pdf catalogue or browsing in the 3D CAD models (downloads) and Technology (detailed description) sections. Or they can head straight to the RINGSPANN website's second highlight: The enhanced and free brake calculation tool.

Interaction between calculation and selection

The brake calculation program by RINGSPANN enables you to determine braking torques and braking forces – the key factors when it comes to selecting the suitable brake. The user can either assess the product discovered through the search filter options or carry out an independent new calculation. Smart: Since the calculation tool interacts with the search filter menu in real time, the calculated brake torque is always immediately checked against the product selection. On the one hand, this means that a previous selection carried out using the search filter is checked for suitability; on the other hand, it also means that the user can conduct his research directly in the calculation tool. This particularly makes senses when one already knows the area of deployment of their brake, because the online tool offers you five starting options inspired by typical scenarios in practice for the application case braking: The braking of rotating masses (e.g. shafts), carriages, hoists (vertical moving masses), downward moving conveyors and on vertical rails in lifts and hoists. One new selection criterion is the application case holding – the second large functional area for RINGSPANN's industrial brakes. The calculation module for the third important application of control is currently undergoing testing and will probably be available from this autumn.

With the new search filter menu, the enhanced calculation tool and the interaction between these two areas, RINGSPANN provides all engineers and purchasers with an excellent online service for selecting and identifying industrial brakes. They not only provide support in their daily design und research activities, but also help to speed up the decision-making process.

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