April 2019
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Point-accurate transport of textiles

techtextil 2019: Habasit presents tailor-made transport and process belt solutions for textile production

Textile production places high demands on material flow and drive solutions. The design features and materials of conveyor belts and drive belts must meet exactly the requirements of textile manufacturers and processors. For this industry, Habasit, the world's leading supplier of drive belts, conveyor belts and process belts, has developed tailor-made products and solutions that will be presented at the techtextil fair in Hall 3, Stand D75. The focus is on efficient and reliable belt solutions for nonwoven production, textile printing, drive- and spindle belts for yarn processing. The fair will be held in Frankfurt/Germany from 14 to 17 May 2019.

Eppertshausen/Germany, April 2019 – The requirements of textile manufacturers and processors are very special: Textiles must be transported and positioned - with pinpoint accuracy, as interruption-free as possible and energy-efficient. Material flow and drive solutions demand for a high percentage of efficiency and costs. Habasit focusses on conveyor technology and drive solutions especially developed for the textile industry. The globally active company will be presenting its complete portfolio of processing belts, toothed belts and drive belts, conveyor and modular belts for yarn processing, textile printing and nonwoven production at techtextil 2019 in Hall 3, Stand D75.

Transport of nonwovens

In particular, in the production of nonwovens, in which fibers of uniformly high quality and in different fineness must be processed, show the advantages of the proven Habasit crosslapper belts. Because an important quality criterion for nonwovens is a uniform pile layer. To achieve this, Habasit has developed an extremely conductive and at the same time chemically resistant strip surface that does not distort the pile and prevents unwanted adhesion. For such applications, the manufacturer recommends its ENB-6EE, ENB-9EE and ENT-6EE crosslapper belts.
Correspondingly equipped crosslappers can produce both heavy and light nonwovens up to a width of 4,000 millimeters. Important: The tapes have very good release properties, the tape surface does not become brittle, does not age prematurely, and there are no micro-cracks, where fibers are caught. All fiber types and weight classes currently available on the market can be smoothly and evenly processed on these tapes. They are mounted in a short time and have a long service life. Scrap and downtime are largely minimized.
Another important reason for the high performance of these belts is their lateral stiffness. The tape does not form wrinkles that could lead to irregularities in the web, nor does it cause any wrinkles or warping of the nonwoven itself. The flexibility of the tape in the longitudinal direction, however, ensures very good bending flexibility and high reliability. As a result, in particular, the production conditions are improved in high-speed machines. Particular attention was paid to the weight of the bands - they are extremely light and therefore use less energy. This has a positive influence on the efficiency and the operating costs of conveyor systems.

Energy efficiency in textile printing

Habasit solutions are also used worldwide in textile printing: Premium Line printing blankets for flat screen, rotary and ink-jet machines as well as for printing tables and are standard in conveyor systems. They guarantee high printing accuracy, can be quickly installed and operated easily. The innovative coil coatings allow accurate material transport with even movement, have excellent antistatic and release properties, are heat resistant and resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. This allows the belts to be used in a wide variety of applications under the most difficult conditions. They also meet the chemical and thermal requirements of the textile industry.

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